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Georgia Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Represents Both Injury Victims and Defendants

Providing experienced and focused representation for those involved in Atlanta TBI claims

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a penetrating or concussive head wound that causes damage to the brain and disrupts its normal function. TBIs occur when the head violently and suddenly hits an object or when an object pierces the skull and enters the brain tissue. The Law Offices of Michael D. Harper, P.C. is familiar with the medical and legal issues involved in brain damage claims and provides significant benefits in the resolution of your case. I represent the injured and their families as well as those who are defending against a Georgia personal injury lawsuit.

Understanding traumatic brain injuries

Brain injuries range from mild concussions to serious diffuse axonal injury that causes coma or death. There are two basic types of traumatic brain injuries. In open head injuries, the skull is fractured. A closed head injury does not involve a skull fracture, but these injuries can be even more serious, because the brain may swell or blood clots may form under the skull. Brain injuries can cause many complications even when the victim appears outwardly healthy.

Helping traumatic brain injury victims get compensation

Because these injuries can result in serious and long-lasting damage that affects your ability to perform everyday activities, it is important to retain an experienced Atlanta traumatic brain injury attorney to protect your interests. I represent victims of all types of accidents including car accidents, truck wrecks, motorcycle crashes, falls and work injuries.

People who have sustained a TBI may struggle with disabilities including the following:

  • Speech and language deficits such as difficulty speaking, reading or writing
  • Memory loss
  • Emotional problems
  • Motor control
  • Partial or total vision loss
  • Loss of the sense of touch, smell or taste

I help head injury victims recover damages for their medical expenses, their diminished earning potential, the costs of future care, and noneconomic damages, such as pain and suffering.

Defending businesses and individuals against personal injury claims

In most cases, an injured person needs to prove that you or your business were negligent in order to hold you responsible for their injuries. This means you must have had some sort of duty toward the person making the claim. That person must prove that you breached this duty and that their injuries were a foreseeable result of that breach. They must demonstrate that the breach actually led to their injuries. Additionally, they must present evidence of the economic and noneconomic losses they are claiming.

I dispute each element of the case against you. I work to prove that you did not cause the injury or cannot be held responsible because you or your business did not have prior knowledge or notice of the danger that caused the injury. I use all available evidence to refute the claimant’s alleged medical costs and expenses so that you can reach an optimal settlement.

Contact a skilled and knowledgeable TBI attorney in Georgia

Brain injuries have significant consequences for the injury victim, their family and anyone found liable under the law. If you or a loved one has been injured, or if you are facing a personal injury claim, call 404-857-0292 or contact me online to schedule your initial consultation and case evaluation at my Atlanta, Georgia office.


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